in search of satisfaction

One of the important goals of any health system is to deliver high quality health services and respond to the needs of service users. Patients' satisfaction is one of the most sensitive indicators of quality of services as it measures the gap between what is expected and ideal from one side and what actually exists in reality. The success or failure of any hospital is largely depends on the satisfaction met by the patients on various services offered. European Gaza Hospital is governmental hospital providing free of cost treatment to people lived in Gaza Strip. Improving the quality of care and patients satisfaction in European Gaza Hospital, mostly emergency department is a vital and necessary activity. The Book is based on a cross-sectional study to determine the patient's satisfaction-dissatisfaction of regarding health care service provided by EGH ED.Seventy three percent of patients were satisfied with overall emergency care, the highest rates were observed in nursing care (83.1%). This book indicated the need for evidence-based interventions in emergency care services in areas such as medical care, nursing care, courtesy of staff, physical comfort and waiting time.

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