the sin of abbe mouret

The fundamental bottleneck behind the persistent sinful behavior of today's Christians is the Original Sin doctrine. According to this bizarre doctrine, man is born with a corrupted nature from Adam. Proponents of the original sin heresy tactfully argue that human beings are born in sin, get saved in their sin and die in their sin and go to heaven in their sins . They opine that a ‘born again Christian' who commits suicide goes to heaven. Can you imagine! They are also not shamed to say that being a ‘born again' Christian rapist , murderer, porn addict and thug does not deprive one of heaven. Christianity has become a source of ridicule because of Original Sin preachers. Non-Christians look a Christians as big hypocrites because they do not see a difference between them and the ‘born again' Christians. Original sin preachers do not understand that grace produces works and human freedom does not negate God's sovereignty. This book takes you through the origins and rebuttals of the doctrine of Original Sin. After reading this book, you must decide whether to follow the bible alone or concoctions of carnal preachers.

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